Travel Essentials | Packing Tips: Things You Should Not Forget

Travel / Monday, March 18th, 2019

Travel Essentials – travel packing can be a headache at times. Especially when your travel dates are getting soon and you still can’t decide whether you should bring that extra pair of shoes or you’re still thinking if you are missing anything that you might need.

The Best thing to do is create a checklist then separate the things that are essential to your trip and the ones that are not. This way you can prioritize to put the most important things in your bag to the less important things. It's not really difficult to identify which are travel essentials.

Here some of the important things that you should not forget:

Travel Essentials Checklist:


Phone Charger

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We all know how addictive our phones are and how important it is these days. Accessing our phones for what ever reasons; from business purposes to social media stuff, it became a daily habit. So It would be bad if after a long flight and transfers your phone died and when you got to your hotel, you found out that you forgot to bring your charger. It’s definitely a hassle to go outside To buy a new charger or find a charging station/booth. So to avoid this, put your phone charger in your travel essentials checklist.

Adaptors / Plugs

Travel Essentials tagalog travels travel blog

What’s worse than forgetting your charger? Finding out that the country / place you are visiting have different power plugs and sockets.  They come with different sizes, shapes and connector type with different voltages and current rating too. Best advice is before you go to a certain country or place, do a research first what kind of power plugs and sockets they have. If you can’t find any information, then it’s better to bring adaptors and plugs with you.

Cash / Credit Cards

Travel Essentials tagalog travels travel blog

You might have paid your flights, accommodation and the activities in your itinerary ahead of time. But you still need money to buy food and drinks Unless, you bought a whole package that includes all of your meals. Also, you might find some souvenirs you can take home with you. So, it’s definitely a good idea to bring some extra cash and enjoy your trip.


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Picture this in your head, you planned your trip months ahead. You’ve convinced your boss to let you have your leave of absence. Paid your flights, accommodation and everything. Then you get to the aiport the day of your arrival and then reliaze you don’t have your passport with you.  I’m pretty sure it will ruin your trip Unless your house is very close from the airport,

First aid kit

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We all wish nothing bad will happen during our trip but we’ll never know what can happen during our adventures. Whether, you stumble on a stair and break your ankle or got a cut from something during a hike. It’s still better to have a first aid kit in your backpack or luggage.

Towel + toiletries

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Unless you are staying in a hotel or resort and you are sure that they provide towels and toiletries it’s best to bring you own. My advice is before you leave, call the hotel or resort and ask if they do provide towels and toiletries. If they do provide these then it would save you some space in you bag.

 Empty Water Bottle

Travel Essentials tagalog travels travel blog

Always bring an empty water bottle. What makes it worth adding to your travel essentials list? Not only it’s good that you won’t get dehydrated along the way. You can also save some money by refilling your empty bottle in the airport or at the hotel/resort.

Feel free to bring whatever you want to bring on your travel if you think it is necessary. However, before you put it in your bag ask yourself first, would that "something" make your travel experience differently. Better?

Create and share your own travel essentials checklist!! Send it to us here.