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is a couple with two kids, they are Jhen & Welz who loves to travel and seek for new adventures. They do not like to be fancy as fancy do not immerse them into the locals eyes. You would often see them roaming around, backpacking, trekking, crossing rivers, cliff diving and doing different kind of tours. The couple also has a unique way of traveling, bringing a healthy lifestyle to their getaways. As wellness enthusiasts, they have been doing Yoga along their trips. Their approach to traveling is very simple, to have fun and create wonderful memories.

Jhen and Welz have traveled locally to numerous locations before they officially had the brand Tagalog Travels. They decided to share with all of you what greatness out there awaits. Their blog also shares helpful tips from what to do and what not to do when travelling. Tagalog Travels would love to meet other fellow travelers and have a blast on a new journey. So hop on board!

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Tagalog Travels would love to inspire other people in any walks of life. As parents they make time to do what they love to do and even bring the kiddos to their journeys. With hard work and dedication they manage to funds their travels and still be able to provide to their children.
You can learn some budget tips and also find the most convenient way of traveling with or without kids. From one traveler to another, Tagalog Travels hopes they can help you fulfill your dream getaway. Let them know your thoughts!

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